Newly Rebuilt from Spare Parts

by The Bell Tree

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released October 8, 2013

on these recordings...
Jason Duncan / vocals / guitar
Hannah Fralick / piano / bells / vocals
John Furness / guitar / percussion / vocals
Justin Kufuor / drums / vocals
Rex Vernon / bass

Songs written by J. Duncan
except "Escanaba" written by R. Vernon and J. Duncan

Songs arranged by The Bell Tree

Recorded Spring/Summer 2013
at the home of J. Furness (Waterford, MI)
and the Point Church (Goodrich, MI)

Recorded/mixed by J. Furness

Thank you to our friends and families, this is for you.

Newly Rebuilt from Spare Parts (2nd Cor. 5:17)



all rights reserved


The Bell Tree Flint, Michigan

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Track Name: The Bell Tree
We can see the bell tree
at the edge of the field
We put our money and our cups
inside its soul
We ring the bell we ring the bell
and then we run

Mr. Smith, he takes our money
and then he fills us up
To the brim, oh, to the brim
and then he rings the bell.
Track Name: Fizzy Lifting Drinks
You got, a bloody nose the moment I walked into your life
I got, a kiss on my blue hair in the back seat of a car
We made, artwork for each other fashioned from a piece of tape
You made in me, a new heart
Newly rebuilt, from spare parts

and I can count
every flake
of snow as it falls to the ground

there is
no place
that I'd rather be right now
than in your embrace.
Track Name: Blown Out Chucks
The Hot Flashez were closing the night
when you caught my eye
You were skanking with some of your friends
and you drew me in, you drew me in

Your purple hair
That cardigan
Those blown out chucks
I'm in love

We made out on those nasty couches
along the wall, along the wall
We paid no mind to where they had been
We didn't think about things like that back then

Your purple hair
That cardigan
Those blown out chucks
I'm in love

Hand in hand
and we spin
hand in hand
and it went something like this
Track Name: Escananba (My Awakening)
The raindrops slid down the window pain
and your fast asleep in the passenger seat
The city lights, begin to fade away
Its just you and me, and the evergreens

The wiper blades make the greatest of scenes
Of reds and yellows, of blacks and greens
I'll use the stars, they will become our guide
and lead us along, the shore line

I am someplace where I don't know where I am
and I think I'm ok with that
Am I dreaming?
Please turn on the light.

This is my awakening
Track Name: N. Saginaw
I grew up on the corner of Saginaw and Feher
In a brick house where a women was shot and killed
In her bedroom, in the closet, that's all we ever knew

The neighbors tried to warn my mom and dad when they moved in
They said to sprinkle salt around the house to make her go away
But they didn't, I wish they would have, because she'd still visit
In our sleep

We could hear her footsteps
pacing up and down the hall
I saw her shadow
Standing over my bed
She would throw parties
In the kitchen late at night
We could smell her coffee
and her cigarettes

When I went to get my things, she said she missed me so much
When I moved out, she slammed the door behind me shut
She asked if my sister was outside
She said she had something to tell her
But we never went back inside
For all we know she's still in there.
Track Name: Wide Eyed
There's blood, there's blood, there's blood everywhere
and a man standing over her shoulder gasping for air
when she reaches out her hand and says hold on
and through the pushing and the pain comes the glory of a girl

Wide eyed, and crying
so bright, and beautiful

there's love, there's pride, there's peace in the room
and a mother and a father hold their newborn baby girl
when she reaches out her hand and says hold on
through the fighting and the pain and the ears comes a brand new world

Wide eyed, and crying
so bright, and beautiful
Track Name: Hello, Man On the Moon
When I was a boy
I would pray to God
and ask to speak to my Grandpa

I asked him "What's it like on the moon?"
"What's the earth look like from there?"
"Are you still watching over me?"

I asked him why he turned yellow before he died
He said "I had to leave my sins behind or God wouldn't let me in"
He said "God said I drank too much and If I want to be a part of his love, I've got to give myself up"

I've got to give myself up

Laying in his hospital bed
his eyes rolled back in his head
and everyone began to cry
When he opened up one eye
Looked up at his weary wife
and said "fooled you didn't I"

Then he laid back down his head
With a smile on his face in his bed
he said "Brothers, I missed you"
Then Grandpa turned from yellow to blue
To walk with the man on the moon
Grandpa I sure miss you.
Track Name: Grandmother Ocean
This song is for my Grandmother Ocean
Whose waves have battled the coastline for years
Yes this song is for my Grandmother Ocean
She protects us from rough waters, her cancer, her tears

This song is for my Grandmother Ocean
Who when we were little, would see one time a year
Yes this song is for my Grandmother Ocean
Her waters run deeper than the mountains up here